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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Save me a zebra for National Animal Crackers Day

Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images

Good morning.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Texas Rangers were finally able to check the beat the Astros in Houston box over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Evan Grant writes that the Rangers won the battle in the opener in Kansas City last evening but were in danger of losing the war after Jacob deGrom left after four innings.

Robert Falkoff writes that deGrom appears satisfied with the notion that a sore wrist is nothing serious while the rest of us will just have to keep holding our breath.

Wilson has more quotes from deGrom and the Rangers on the ace’s condition following his panic-inducing early exit.

While we cross our fingers and knock on all available wood that the Rangers avoided a disaster with deGrom, Jay Jaffe explains why the loss of Corey Seager for a month or more will be tough for Texas to absorb.

Now with the series opener in the win column, Matt Fisher takes a look at what is in store for the Rangers in KC this week.

It’s time for the livery portion of the morning links:

Grant provides the story that the Rangers have weaved to make the unveiled City Connect uniforms make sense.

Kennedi Landry notes that the City Connect uniforms come with a brand new mythical creature that Texas foolishly backburnered onto a sleeve.

Mike Piellucci reviews the City Connect uniforms and lands on the opinion that the Rangers perhaps tried too hard.

Jalyn Smoot takes the temperature of the fans regarding the City Connect uniforms which will debut at The Shed on Friday.

And, Grant notes that the Rangers players appear to like the alternate duds but that they will like them even more if they win while wearing them.

Have a nice day!