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Minor league update for 4/18/23

The update for the minor league day

10-1987; Bolts across the sky. A bolt of lightning steaks streaks across the evening sky giving a di Photo By John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Richard Montalvo threw four innings for Down East, allowing three runs on three hits and four walks, striking out five. Gleider Figuereo had two walks and a homer. Ian Moller had a hit.

Down East box score:,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=728084

Gavin Collyer started for Hickory and went 4.1 IP, allowing three runs on four hits and two walks, striking out five.

Maximo Acosta was 2 for 4 with a homer. Daniel Mateo had a hit.

Hickory box score:,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=727230

Jack Leiter had a very Jack Leiter outing, allowing three runs on a two run homer and a solo homer in five innings, giving up eight hits in all along with two walks, striking out six.

Evan Carter drew four walks. David Garcia was 3 for 4 with a double. Trevor Hauver had a hit and a walk. Luisangel Acuna and Thomas Saggese each had hits.

Frisco box score:,game_tab=field,game=729144

Round Rock is on the West Coast and will be updated later, though Justin Foscue has already hit a first inning grand slam.

UPDATE — Cole Winn allowed five runs in four innings, giving up a home run to Mitch Haniger, walking three and striking out two. Joe Barlow threw two scoreless innings. Yerry Rodriguez also threw two scoreless innings, and struck out four. Daniel Robert allowed four runs in an inning, striking out two and walking one.

Justin Foscue had a grand slam, a single and a walk. Sam Huff was 1 for 7, but the one hit was a home run. Jonathan Ornelas had two hits and three walks. Davis Wendzel had two hits and three walks.

Round Rock box score:,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=721577