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Thoughts on a 12-2 Rangers win

Rangers 12, Royals 2

MLB: Texas Rangers at Kansas City Royals Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 12, Royals 2

  • Take that, Royals!
  • My thoughts on this one are pretty simple...that was a good, fun game.
  • Nathan Eovaldi was good. Yeah, Kansas City got some good wood on him in a couple of innings, but he picked up the Quality Start. Six innings, two runs, five Ks, just one walk. That’s good!
  • Brock Burke rebounded from a less than great outing against Houston last time out with two shutout innings, striking out a pair. That’s good!
  • Ian Kennedy got into the game and preserved the ten run lead with a scoreless inning. That’s good!
  • Every one of the Rangers’ starters got a hit. That’s good!
  • Marcus Semien and Adolis Garcia each had three runs home runs. That’s good!
  • Ezequiel Duran, who has rarely played so far this year and, when he has played, hasn’t hit much went 2 for 5. That’s good!
  • Josh Jung continued his solid rookie season with a hit, a walk and a stolen base. That’s good!
  • What a happy making game this was.
  • Nathan Eovaldi’s fastball topped out at 97.5 mph, and averaged 95.7 mph. Brock Burke maxed out at 96.4 mph. Ian Kennedy’s fastball topped out at 91.7 mph.
  • Adolis Garcia’s home run was 107.9 mph, and he also had a pair of ground outs at 102.6 and 101.5. Nathaniel Lowe had a 109.0 mph single and a 105.4 mph GIDP. Marcus Semien’s home run was 104.4 mph. Robbie Grossman had a 103.0 mph single and a 101.9 mph GIDP. Ezequiel Duran had a 102.3 mph single.
  • Texas looks to sweep in an afternoon game on Wednesday. Take off work and check it out.