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A’s potentially relocating to Vegas

The Oakland A’s have agreed to purchase land in Las Vegas for a new stadium

Aerial view of The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada Photo by: Marli Miller/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The Oakland A’s have entered into an agreement to purchase 49 acres of land in Las Vegas, it was announced last night. This would seem to be the beginning of the end game of the team’s ongoing efforts to get a new stadium in Oakland, and sets the stage for the team to relocate to Las Vegas down the road. While the deal is not done, A’s team president Dave Kaval said that he envisions a stadium being built in Las Vegas in time for it to be open to start the 2027 season.

The A’s have played at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum since relocating to Oakland from Kansas City in 1968. The stadium also hosted the Oakland Raiders during their two stints in the city. The stadium is considered one of the worst facilities in MLB, and addressing the stadium situation has been something the A’s have been focused on for years.