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Wednesday Morning Links


Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Morning, all!

In what is starting to become a recurring theme the bullpen gave away the game, with the Rangers holding a five run lead going into the eighth inning last night and losing 7-6.

The offense is doing its part, despite a missing Corey Seager, which makes the bullpen woes even more frustrating.

Bruce Bochy says that the bullpen sucking will make the Rangers a better team in the end, although I’m not sure how the math of that works.

The Frisco bullpen also gave up a late game lead, although prospects Owen White and Evan Carter both had good showings.

The DMN reran Evan Grant’s write up of the Rougned Odor punch heard ‘round the world yesterday, even though the anniversary is actually May 15.

Although maybe they reran the story today because the city of Arlington is trying to permit an Arlington restraunteur to death over a mural of the brawl on the side of his taco shop.