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Thursday Morning Links


Texas Rangers v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Jeff Wilson points out that, while getting swept by a last place team sucks, it’s a long season and that still sometimes happens to good teams.

Evan Grant has a few thoughts on how the Rangers might go about fixing the bullpen, running the gamut from moving Jonathan Hernandez to the 9th to bringing back Lance Lynn.

Josh Jung left last night’s game after being hit in the left hand by a pitch, though x-rays reveal no fracture.

Grant’s knee jerk reactions on this series are that the bullpen is a mess, giving up walks in the last third of the game were a constant, and that Josh Jung is probably ok.

Evan also notes that the “real” Rangers are probably somewhere in between the club that started the season looking like champions and the club that just got swept in Cincinnati.

Kennedi Landry has three takeaways from the sweep, and it’s worth remembering what Jon Gray had to say; “Series like these, you’re going to have them every now and then.”