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Minor league update for 4/27/23

The minor league stuff from the day

Sunny spring weather in the north Photo by Bernd Wüstneck/picture alliance via Getty Images

Down East starter Dylan MacLean allowed two runs in 4.2 IP on a two run homer. He had three strikeouts and four walks. Jose Corniell threw four shutout innings, striking out five and walking two.

Anthony Gutierrez, Gleider Figuereo and Cam Cauley all had a walk and a hit. Yeison Morrobel had two hits, a walk and a stolen base. Tucker Mitchell had a pair of hits.

Down East box score

Hickory got rained out.

T.K. Roby had an impressive outing for the Roughriders, striking out eight and walking one while allowing one run on a solo shot. Antoine Kelly threw a scoreless inning, striking out one.

Luisangel Acuna and Thomas Saggese each had a hit. Chris Seise had a hit and a walk. Dustin Harris had a pair of walks. Evan Carter drew a walk.

Frisco box score

Round Rock starter Kyle Cody allowed four runs in four innings of work, striking out three and walking two. Taylor Hearn struck out four and allowed a pair of walks in two shutout innings. Jake Latz allowed a solo home run in 1.2 IP with a K and two walks.

Blaine Crim had a double and a walk. Jonathan Ornelas had three walks. Sam Huff and Davis Wendzel each had a hit.

Round Rock box score