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MLB ratifies CBA with minor leaguers

For the first time, there is a specific collective bargaining agreement that has been approved between Major League Baseball and minor leaguers

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

MLB owners have approved a collective bargaining agreement with minor league players by a vote of 30-0, it has been announced today. This is the first CBA to be entered into by MLB that deals specifically with minor league players. The agreement is for a five year term.

As Jeff Passan writes, last year the MLBPA created a specific unit to deal with minor league bargaining, and minor leaguers voted to unionize. Previously, minor leaguers were not members of any union, and did not have the ability to collectively bargain with MLB — instead, they were essentially subject to whatever agreements MLB and the MLBPA (which the minor leaguers were not members of) reached.

Passan notes that minor league salaries are more than doubling, and while minor leaguers are still not making a lot of money, they are making much more than they have in the past, with even players in Rookie ball getting a minimum of $19,800 per year.