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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

I won’t yuck your yum on National Love A Tree Day

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Atlanta Braves v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Good morning.

Jeff Wilson writes that there was no rest for the West Coast weary Texas Rangers but the cavalry should be arriving soon.

Kennedi Landry generously calls last night’s 12-0 loss to Atlanta a learning experience for the Rangers and prospect Cody Bradford.

Wilson writes that Bradford was happy to debut for his hometown team even if they kind of threw him to the wolves.

Evan Grant tries to explain how and why Monday’s loss might be good for the Rangers in the long run but the only thing I take away from it is if you have to just whole cloth punt a baseball game to reset, a 162-game season is too long.

Zach Buchanan’s latest prospect notes from scouts includes a take on Evan Carter which seems him as a potential future All-Star.

Grant writes that Corey Seager’s return is imminent which will provide a boost, though his absence showed the quality of Texas’ depth.

The Rangers rank third in the latest Athletic power rankings with Marcus Semien named team’s quarter-season MVP.

And, Grant notes that outfield prospect Aaron Zavala is expected to make his 2023 debut after completing the rehab of a partially torn UCL.

Have a nice day!