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Wednesday Morning Links


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Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Dane Dunning says he is being the best Swiss army knife he can be in filling multiple roles so far this year.

He also thinks that the hip surgery he had late last year is a significant factor in his success this season.

Jamey Newberg observes that you can’t build a first place team in entirely one facet of player acquisition, and tallies which methods have worked for the Rangers and which haven’t.

Kumar Rocker will be having Tommy John surgery later this week and Keith Law notes that it is now more likely that he will be heading to the bullpen when he returns.

The elbow injury is unrelated the the health concerns that spooked the Mets in 2021, as they were primarily concerned about his shoulder.

Joe Barlow is back with the big league club as part of a flurry of recent bullpen moves.

Corey Seager’s return will be delayed briefly due to a stomach bug he picked up on his rehab assignment in Frisco.

Of course, Seager’s return means finding playing time for Ezequiel Duran somewhere besides short, and Duran has done the best he can to show that the Rangers need to find a way to get him into games.