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Texas Rangers lineup for May 19, 2023

The return of Seager

Atlanta Braves v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for May 19, 2023 against the Atlanta Braves: starting pitchers are Nathan Eovaldi for the Rangers and Spencer Strider for the Braves.

Corey Seager is activated and back in his second spot in the lineup. Seager is manning the DH spot while Ezequiel Duran is at shortstop. Josh Jung, meanwhile, is getting the day off.

The lineup:

Semien — 2B

Seager — DH

Lowe — 1B

Garcia — RF

Heim — C

Grossman — LF

Duran — SS

Smith — 3B

Taveras — CF

7:05 p.m. Central start time. Atlanta is favored at -155.