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Thursday Morning Links


Atlanta Braves v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Morning, all!

If we had eggs we could have ham and eggs, if we also had some ham, and the Rangers would have won the series against the Braves if the bullpen weren’t terrible.

Corey Seager’s triumphant return to the lineup was overshadowed by yet another game given up by the bullpen, and Bruce Bochy says that they’re a better bullpen than the results have shown.

It was the sixth time this season the Rangers have been in the lead going into the seventh inning only to end up losing.

Jack Leiter is born again hard, taking a one-hit shutout into the sixth last night and striking out 25 over his last three outings.

The team has Jonathan Hernandez up on the lift with his hood open and are working on his delivery because he can’t get his sinker down in the zone for sone reason.