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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Hope you’re turtley enough for the Turtle Club on World Turtle Day

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Texas Rangers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Good morning.

Like me when discussing the losses in the PGTs, Evan Grant writes that Bruce Bochy is running out of things to say about the bullpen.

Jake Crouse writes that the Texas Rangers got another good start from Dane Dunning but the bullpen is still untenable.

Jeff Wilson writes that you shouldn’t sweat the details during a long baseball season where your team is good but has hiccups ironically as the biggest hiccup has let the great start amount to a one game lead in the division despite the team playing like one of the best in the league otherwise.

Grant writes that Jacob deGrom has progressed to the point that the team has begun pondering the next steps of his rehab.

Henry Palattella writes about Jonah Heim being among the most improved hitters in baseball so far this season.

In Power Rankings roundup, Zach Buchanan throws his hands up over at The Athletic and admits the Rangers might be good while ranking them 2nd, while FanGraphs continues to list Texas as sandwiched between the Rays and Braves in the top tier.

Grant notes that the Rangers are expected to send Mitch Garver and Travis Jankowski on rehab assignments beginning as early as today.

And, MLB takes a look at the early playoff picture and, were the season to end today, the Rangers would be waiting to see which Wild Card team they’d play in the ALDS. Enjoy it for as long as the bullpen allows it to last!

Have a nice day!