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Poll: 2023 Texas Rangers regular season win total

How many wins do you think the Rangers will have in the 2023 regular season?

Texas Rangers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The 2023 MLB season continues to race along, and the Texas Rangers continue to play really good baseball.

Texas has played 49 games so far this season, so they are a little bit (5 games, to be exact) shy of the one-third mark. Memorial Day, which is the unofficial date for the end of the beginning of the season and the point where we start taking events that have occurred to that point seriously, is just four days away.

And the Rangers continue to sit atop the A.L. West standings. They are 31-18, three games up on the hated Astros of Houston, four games up on the Angels of either Los Angeles or Anaheim (depending on your mood), and six games up on the Mariners of Seattle.

The Oakland A’s, of course, are attempting to set a record for futility this year. They are 10-41, have lost seven in a row, ten of their last eleven, 15 of their last 17...I mean, we could keep doing this going back to the start of the season for Oakland, really. In any case, for completion purposes, I will note that the A’s are 22 games back of Texas.

With a Thursday off day before starting a three game series in Baltimore against the Baltimore Orioles — one of just two teams in MLB with a better record than Texas — it seems like as good a time as any to do a win total poll.

So I ask many games do you think the 2023 Texas Rangers will win?

Cast your vote below...


How many regular season wins do you think the 2023 Texas Rangers will end the year with?

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