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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Remember the real ones on National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Good morning.

Evan Grant writes about how the Texas Rangers were able to battle through a pitcher at the top of his game to come away with a one-run win last night.

Kennedi Landry writes about Jon Gray stepping up to stymie the Mariners long enough for the Rangers to overtake Logan Gilbert.

Grant writes that Gray was able to get out of his own head and battle the Mariners instead of himself to pitch a gem.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers learned again that sweeping is never an easy endeavor after taking two of three from Anaheim over the weekend.

Matt Fisher takes a look at what is in store for the Rangers during their time in Seattle this week.

Grant writes that Travis Jankowski is likely headed for the IL but that options to replace him are narrow on the 40-man roster.

ESPN’s Bradford Doolittle looks on the bright side for each team so far this season with the best news for the Rangers being that they’re now simulated to be one of the best teams in baseball.

The Rangers remained among the “best of the best” tier in FanGraphs’ latest power rankings as their playoff odds now exceed 50%.

And, since it can’t all be great news all the time, Grant notes that the Rangers are taking things slow with their injured ace Jacob deGrom.

Have a nice day!