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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Celebrate the umpire in your life on Visually Impaired People Day

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Kennedi Landry writes that the Texas Rangers needed a rare walk-off win to do away with St. Louis last night.

Matt Fisher notes that, despite the images that a matchup between these two teams conjures, the Cardinals come to Arlington as the basement-dwellers of the National League.

The Athletic could not live without eventually covering the Rangers’ successes. Where did that bring Levi Weaver’s Windup? Back to us.

Evan Grant writes that as Marcus Semien extended his hitting streak to 24 games, he’s become the lead-by-example presence that the Rangers hoped for.

Because no team can have it all, Landry notes that the Rangers transferred Jacob deGrom to the 60-day injured list.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers still aren’t sure when deGrom will be back because elbows are tricky.

Grant writes that the Rangers are just pouring over the user manual on how to maintain a unicorn with deGrom.

FanGraphs has bumped the Rangers to No. 1 on their Power Rankings as they’ve overtaken the Tampa Bay Rays in their “Team Quality” metric. Meanwhile, the Rangers are 2nd behind JD’s Rays on The Athletic’s Power Rankings.

AL Pitcher of the Month Nathan Eovaldi trails only Tampa Bay’s Shane McClanahan in the latest MLB dot com Cy Young polling.

Grant notes that an aspect of the procedural move with deGrom was swapping Jonathan Hernandez for Spencer Howard in the latest attempt to stabilize the bullpen.

The previous bullpen stabilizer Grant Anderson joined Wilson on the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast.

And, perhaps lost in the shuffle with everything else going on, Corey Seager ho-hummed his way to AL Player of the Week honors.

Have a nice day!