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Wednesday Morning Links


All-Star Red Carpet Show Portraits Photo by Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Morning, all!

Despite fielding the most starters to an All Star team since the 1956 Cincinnatti Reds the Rangers couldn’t scare up a hit yesterday.

A ball thrown by Nathan Eovaldi in the second inning, when there were 6 Ranger All Stars on the field, was signed by the Ranger All Stars and is on its way to Cooperstown.

Tim Cowlishaw says he doesn’t like to rain on somebody’s parade, but he then goes on to talk about how the teams that last fielded 6 All Stars in the same inning were legendary and the Rangers just dropped two games to the Nationals.

The Rangers only selected one infielder in the draft, their lowest number of infielders ever, though Kip Fagg says it is just coincidence and they don’t draft based on positional need.

According to Marcus Semien, the team needs to get back to playing clean baseball after the All Star break.