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Thursday Morning Links


93rd MLB All-Star Game presented by Mastercard Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Jeff Wilson’s Thursday newsletter covers how the rotation might shake out after the All Star break and the continuing drama in Oakland over the team’s plans to move to Las Vegas.

Kevin Sherrington asks “when we gonna get some pitching in here” and discusses arms that could be had in trade if the Rangers went all-in.

Speaking of pitching help, redemption story Matt Bush is back with the Rangers on a minor league deal, having been released by Milwaukee after posting a >9.00 ERA in 10 innings.

Josh Jung has the self-awareness and work ethic to avoid the second half rookie slump, and when he was a kid he apparently really liked self-help programs that came with workbooks and props.

Rusty Greer has been hired as the baseball coach at Fort Worth Christian.

And, finally, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s press dinner in support of a presidential bid was marred by an argument about climate change between a former gossip columnist and an art critic where the bold rhetorical strategy of farting was employed.