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Minor league update for 7/14/23

Its the minor league update, yeah yeah yeah

Lubmin LNG Terminal Officially Opens Photo by Norbert Fellechner - Pool/Getty Images

Joseph Montalvo started for Down East, going three innings, striking out six, walking one, and allowing a solo home run. Wyatt Sparks threw two shutout innings. Dylan MacLean allowed a run in an inning of work. Aidan Curry struck out four and walked one in three shutout innings.

Cam Cauley doubled and had a stolen base. Danyer Cueva had a hit.

Down East box score

Hickory starter Mitch Bratt went just faced just six batters, allowing two runs, walking three and striking out two before being lifted.

Tucker Mitchell had a hit and a walk. Abi Ortiz had a pair of hits. Cody Freeman had a hit. Daniel Mateo was 2 for 4 with a homer.

Hickory box score

Ryan Garcia started for Frisco, allowing one run on a solo homer in four innings, walking one and striking out five. Antoine Kelly threw a shutout inning, striking out one.

Luisangel Acuna had a double, a walk and two stolen bases. Evan Carter had a hit, a walk and a stolen base. Thomas Saggese had a pair of hits. Aaron Zavala had a hit and a walk.

Frisco box score

Taylor Hearn threw two innings for Round Rock, allowing a run, walking a batter and striking out two. Ian Kennedy threw a scoreless inning, striking out one. Jonathan Hernandez allowed a solo homer in an inning of work, striking out two. Joe Barlow walked two in a scoreless inning.

Justin Foscue was 2 for 4 with a homer and a wlak. Bubba Thompson had a hit and a stolen base. Sam Huff had a homer and a walk. Blaine Crim was 4 for 4 with a double, a homer and a walk. Jonathan Ornelas had a hit.

Round Rock box score

In our Sebastian Walcott Watch, Sebastian Walcott homered again.

ACL Rangers box score