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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

You know what you did on National Get Out of the Dog House Day

MLB: Cleveland Guardians at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Kennedi Landry writes about the Texas Rangers rallying to complete a sweep of the Guardians on Sunday.

Shawn McFarland writes that the win was different as Texas showed comeback prowess that had been absent this season.

Matt Fisher writes that the sweep of Cleveland was a good way to begin the second half during a turning point section of the schedule.

Landry ponders the strategy that the Rangers should deploy at the trade deadline as part of an Inbox Q&A.

Jeff Wilson offers up a player from each potential deadline seller that the Rangers could consider.

Kevin Sherrington wonders if manager Bruce Bochy will be able to make a co-closer arrangement work for the Rangers.

To no surprise, David Schoenfield notes that Wyatt Langford is likely the first player to reach the big leagues from Texas’ draft class.

And, Jared Sandler discussed the possibility for Texas to add Shohei Ohtani because, hey, why not?

Have a nice day!