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57-39 - Everything’s coming up Rangers! Texas grabs 5-3 win over Tampa Bay

That’ll win ya a series

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers scored five runs while the Tampa Bay Rays scored three runs.

Count his as a banner day for the Texas Rangers baseball club. The big league club just won their fifth straight as the $325 million dollar shortstop hit the back-breaking three-run dong that gave Texas a big late lead. The $175 million dollar second baseman had three hits including a home run that came as the No. 4 overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft was being interviewed while taking in his first game as a member of the organization.

Meanwhile, the prospect that the Rangers are dreaming about pairing with Wyatt Langford in the outfield was busy hitting a triple and home run while drawing two walks and scoring three runs just 40 minutes away in Frisco.

Of course, you start to get the feeling that things might be a little charmed in Arlington when Travis Jankowski is rocking a .851 OPS in mid-July while doubling in a critical run despite being perhaps the least impressive player on the roster in Surprise this spring.

It doesn’t happen very often for this franchise but it’s fun when everything goes their way.

Player of the Game:

Up Next: The Rangers will go for a second consecutive sweep with RHP Jon Gray expected to start for Texas against a starter that Tampa Bay has not every divulged.

The Wednesday afternoon first pitch in the finale from The Shed is scheduled for 1:05 pm CT and will be aired on BS Southwest.