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Wednesday Morning Links


Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Wyatt Langford has 70 grade character, and the Rangers say that they prioritize players that have good makeup.

And while it may be hard to assign on the field value to intangibles like makeup and character, off the field it’s worth an $8,000,000 signing bonus.

Nathan Eovaldi didn’t have his best fastball last night so Bruce Bochy says he had to “pitch smart.”

Aroldis Chapman has been putting up some gaudy radar gun numbers while pitching scoreless baseball, with Dane Dunning noting “his slider is as fast as my fastball.”

Ivan Rodriguez received honors yesterday as part of an event that celebrated 125 years of professional baseball in Puerto Rico.

Bruce Bochy says that short memories and quick turnarounds are critical to success and says he just wants his players to focus on “how good they are.”

Corey Seager drove that point home last night when he followed up three straight strikeouts with a 3 run homer that blew the game open.