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Texas Rangers sign 13 draft picks

Thirteen of the Rangers 18 picks in the 2023 MLB Draft have signed

COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAR 12 NC State at Miami Photo by Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have signed 13 of their 18 selections in the 2023 MLB Draft, the team has announced. That includes all eight of their selections in the first ten rounds.

Per Kennedi Landry, the bonus figures for the Rangers’ first eight selections are as follows:

Wyatt Langford — $8,000,000

Skylar Hales — $565,000

Alejandro Rosario — $437,900

Caden Scarborough — $515,000

Izack Tiger — $180,000

Julian Brock — $255,000

Quincy Scott — $200,000

Case Matter — $155,000

For players drafted in the first ten rounds, the entirety of their signing bonuses count towards a team’s bonus pool. For players selected after the tenth round, as well as undrafted free agents, a team can pay up to $150,000 for each player without it counting against their pool. Any amount in excess of $150,000 counts against the team’s bonus pool. Thus, for example, if a 13th round pick gets a $225,000 bonus, only $75,000 of that bonus counts against the pool.

Jim Callis notes that the bonuses for the first ten rounds puts the Rangers at $382,600 above their bonus pool. Teams can go up to 5% over their pool and pay 75% of the overage as a penalty, but not lose future picks. Thus leaves the Rangers, who have a $9,925,300 bonus pool, with a little over $100,000 available to dole out in bonuses above and beyond the $150,000 per player.

Here is a list of the Rangers’ draft picks, with the players signed in bold: