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58-41 - Devil receives his due as Rangers demolished by Dodgers 16-3

Congrats on dinger No. 200, Marcus!

Los Angeles Dodgers v Texas Rangers Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers scored three runs while the Los Angeles Dodgers scored sixteen runs.

Remember when it was 1-0 after one Rangers batter? Good times.

Dane Dunning has been good this season, and a godsend in place of Jacob deGrom when the latter’s injury could have sunk the team. But, let’s face it, beyond literal results (which, hey, you can’t take away from him) Dunning hasn’t been fifth-best-starter-in-the-American League good as his ERA would perhaps have led one to believe.

Dunning was due for a clunker and boy were the Dodgers the team ready to serve it to him. Dunning doesn’t get swinging strikes even against the teams that chase and the Los Angeles lineup hasn’t been prone to chasing nor missing.

That all culminated today with just two swings and misses in the 79 pitches that Dunning threw to get through three innings, by which point he’d already allowed five runs. It only got equally as bad when Texas turned to Glenn Otto for early relief and then stayed so bad that eventually Brad Miller made his first appearance as a pitcher.

Considering what we saw today, I beg you not to look up who is starting in tomorrow’s finale.

Also, Adolis Garcia got hurt... :(

Player of the Game: Freddie Freeman.

Up Next: Pray for Martin Perez.