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Minor league update for 7/25/23

Its the minor league update! Woo hoo!

Perseid Meteor Shower Lights Up Night Sky In Spain Photo by Samuel de Roman/Getty Images

Dylan MacLean started for Down East, allowing a run in three innings, striking out three and walking four. D.J. McCarty allowed a run in five innings of work, striking out two and walking one.

Zion Bannister had a pair of hits and a stolen base.

Down East box score

Winston Santos started for Hickory, allowing seven runs in 3.1 IP, striking out three and allowing three homers.

Cam Cauley homered twice. Abi Ortiz and Cody Freeman each had a hit.

Hickory box score

For Frisco, Luisangela Acuna was 3 for 5 with two stolen bases. Evan Carter had a hit.

Frisco box score

Daniel Robert started for Hickory allowing two runs in 2.2 IP, striking out three and walking three. Cole Winn walked four and struck out three in three innings, giving up two runes. Chase Lee struck out two in a scoreless inning.

J.P. Martinez tripled. Bubba Thompson had a hit. Justin Foscue walked.

Round Rock box score