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New Breaking T t-shirt — Max Scherzer

Joining the Marcus Semien and Jonah Heim gear, there’s now shirts celebrating Max Scherzer’s joining the Rangers

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UPDATE — Along with the Marcus Semien and Jonah Heim shirts that rolled out last week, there is now Max Scherzer, Texas Ranger gear available from Breaking T.

You can get Max Scherzer, Marcus Semien, Jonah Heim, and other gear here.

In the aftermath of Marcus Semien’s putting the Houston Astros in their place on Wednesday, and getting Houston so mad that the benches cleared, our friends at Breaking T have a new t-shirt out celebrating Semien’s shushing of the Astros.

Breaking T also has a new Jonah Heim shirt they just released:

You can check out all the goods here.