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60-45 - Yu does the Rangers dirty with 4-0 loss to Padres

Is Max Scherzer bringing a healthy wrist for Jonah Heim?

MLB: Texas Rangers at San Diego Padres David Frerker-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers didn’t bother scoring any runs while the San Diego Padres scored four runs.

The Padres being bad mystery continues to baffle but apparently only the Rangers.

The American League West lead is 1.

Player of the Game: Yu Darvish! :3

Up Next: The Rangers will have to beat LHP Blake Snell if they don’t want to get swept and we don’t know who will be starting for them because Nathan Eovaldi is hurt. No one informed Max Scherzer about any of this.

The finale first pitch from Petco Park is scheduled for 3:10 pm CT. You can watch it in BS Southwest.