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Fangraphs mock draft out

Fangraphs offers up their initial mock draft for next week’s MLB Draft

Wake Forest v LSU Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images

The 2023 MLB Draft is just three days away, and Fangraphs has an initial mock draft up for our perusal.

Mock draft season has been less enthralling than usual for me this year. With the Texas Rangers picking fourth in a draft that is seen as having a top tier of five players and no second round pick, there’s not a lot of variety out there, particularly given that just about everyone is predicting that the three college players — Dylan Crews, Paul Skenes, and Wyatt Langford — go top three.

That leaves the Rangers choosing between prep outfielders Max Clark and Walker Jenkins at #4, and you can probably flip a coin at this point as to which of the pair Texas takes if the two are there. If one of the college players drops to #4 — and that would most likely be Wyatt Langford — then Texas probably pops the college player.

So yeah, not a lot to analyze or talk about. Just wait and see...even moreso than most drafts.