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Yet more updated mock drafts

The MLB Draft starts in just a few hours, and we have today’s latest mock drafts

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2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship Photo by Tyler Schank/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The 2023 MLB Draft is just over four hours away as I type this, and the latest mock drafts from today are out.

This has been a weird draft, in terms of the top tier. We heard months ago that there was a clear-cut top tier of five players — LSU pitcher Paul Skenes and outfielder Dylan Crews, Florida outfielder Wyatt Langford, and prep outfielders Max Clark and Walker Jenkins — and that has pretty much remained the case. Moreover, for a while the mocks have had the three college players going in the top three in some order, followed by the two prep outfielders. That means that we’ve pretty consistently seen the Texas Rangers, at #4, projected to take Clark or Jenkins for a while.

Baseball America’s latest mock follows that pattern, with Max Clark going to Texas at #4 after the three college guys go in the top three. MLB Pipeline has both Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis offering up their individual mocks, but like BA, they have Langford, Skenes and Crews going 1-2-3, with Clark going fourth.

Keith Law updated his mock draft this afternoon, but his first four follow the same pattern as BA and the Pipeline guys.

If I were betting I’d take Clark over the field right now as the guy Texas picks, but remember, things can get wild and wacky in the MLB Draft. The Rangers shocked the world in 2022 by taking Kumar Rocker at #3, almost as much as they shocked the world by taking an unknown high schooler from BFE in the second round in 2020. So anything is possible.

But yeah, its probably gonna be Max Clark.