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Texas Rangers Recap: Week 18

Not the best week

MLB: Texas Rangers at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

2023 Season Record: 60-46

2023 Series Record: 19-12-2

A very bad week on the field for the Rangers.

GAME 101: 9-10 Loss @ Houston Astros

This was the Rangers second best game of the week. Which probably says a lot.

After the top of the first inning, the Rangers were up 2-0, that very quickly became down 4-2 after the bottom of the first.

However, after the top of the 7th innings, the Rangers were up 9-6 and hopeful they’d be able to coast to the end of the game with a win. Enter Aroldis Chapman with his first blown save as a Ranger.

Chapman walked two batters and of course because walks always come back to haunt you, proceeded to give up a home run to allow the Astros to tie the game.

The ended up walking it off in the bottom of the 9th inning.

GAME 102: 3-4 Loss @ Houston Astros

The Rangers scored their first run in the sixth inning and didn’t score again until the ninth and by then it was too late.

Yerry Rodriguez was the opener for Cody Bradford. Rodriguez went two innings and gave up two runs on two hits and a walk. Bradford went five innings and gave up two runs on six hits and no walks. Both runs Bradford gave up were on solo home runs.

GAME 103: 13-5 Win @ Houston Astros

This is truly the only game worth noting. We saw Mad Marcus Semien, Grand Slam Adolis Garcia, and the Rangers leaving the series will securely in first place.

It felt like this was going to be more of a turning point for Texas with this week, that leaving Houston with a win was going to set them up to at the very least get a series win in San Diego, however, it did not.

GAME 104: 1-7 Loss @ San Diego Padres

Dane Dunning went five innings in this game. Giving up three runs on five hits and three walks. Rodriguez gave up the other four runs in his one inning of work.

GAME 105: 0-4 Loss @ San Diego Padres

The only thing to mention about this game is that Texas traded for Max Scherzer at the beginning of it.

GAME 106: 3-5 Loss @ San Diego Padres

This game was a really good almost. The Rangers almost made a come back in the 9th against Josh Hader when they loaded the bases with two outs. Hader looked rattled.

But almost gets you nothing in the standings.