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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Morning, all!

With Jonah Heim currently unable to bat right handed Bruce Bochy is going with a “kinda sorta” platoon.

First round pick Jack Leiter, who hasn’t pitched in a game since he was placed on the developmental list in July, threw batting practice to MLB hitters on Tuesday. As for what the front office and Leiter have to say about the tear down and rebuild of his mechanics… well, that’s a catbox subject.

Corey Seager could theoretically still win the batting title even if he doesn’t hit the plate appearance threshold.

The Rangers have been fabulous against left handed pitching in 2023, though monument to mediocrity Reid Detmer still took a no hitter into the eighth inning on Wednesday.

Jon Gray blames himself for not leadershipping some runs on the board in Tuesday’s loss.

You know who wasn’t to blame though? J.P. Martinez, who is not one to let not starting a game get in the way of his menacing Leody Taveras’ job, and hopped off the bench in the ninth to get on base with a pinch hit.