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Rangers advisor Dayton Moore possibly Chicago bound

Bob Nightengale says that Dayton Moore could be joining the Chicago White Sox

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Texas Rangers Spring Training Photo by Ben Ludeman/Texas Rangers/Getty Images

As we discussed yesterday, the Chicago White Sox have fired Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn, who were the top two people in the team’s baseball operations department (Williams was an Executive Vice President, Hahn a Senior Vice President and General Manager).

Today, Bob Nightengale writes that Jerry Reinsdorf already has a succession plan in mind, and it involves bringing in someone from the Rangers’ front office.

Nightengale says that Chris Getz, who spent seven years in the major leagues from 2008-14 with the White Sox, Kansas City Royals, and Toronto Blue Jays, is expected to be named the new general manager, with Dayton Moore, the former Kansas City Royals g.m. who is currently a Senior Advisor for Baseball Operations for the Rangers, joining him.

Moore was hired by the Rangers in November, 2022, as an advisor to general manager Chris Young. His stint with the Rangers may be a short one, however, as Nightengale says that “Getz and Moore are the overwhelming favorites to be running the White Sox baseball operations before the season’s conclusion.”