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Texas Rangers Recap: Week 22

A very bad week

Texas Rangers v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

2023 Season Record: 73-57

2023 Series Record: 23-15-2

A very bad, not fun at all week. And they’re now second place in the division with the Astros.

GAME 125: 3-4 Loss @ Arizona Diamondbacks

The Rangers lost this one in extra innings, which made the sting a little more painful.

Texas took the first lead in the seventh inning thanks to an Adolis Garcia solo homer but then Ketel Marte did the same in the bottom of the ninth inning.

The Rangers then scored two more in the 11th inning... but the Diamondbacks scored four.

GAME 126: 3-6 Loss @ Arizona Diamondbacks

Jon Gray went just four innings, giving up five runs on seven hits and three walks. And really that was all Arizona needed to get the win.

GAME 127: 5-7 Loss @ Minnesota Twins

Heading to Minnesota, the Rangers still couldn’t snap their losing streak. Even though it felt like this was the game that was going to be the turn around for them.

Texas took the lead in the first at bat of the game thanks to a Marcus Semien home run. They then proceeded to score three in the third and one in the fourth to very quickly get their five runs.

However the Twins caught the solo home run bug and while it didn’t feel like an issue in the second and third innings, they very quickly chipped away at the Rangers lead before finally scoring multiple runs in the 8th inning to grab the win.

GAME 128: 2-12 Loss @ Minnesota Twins

While Thursday’s game felt like it was going to snap the streak very early on, Friday’s game felt like the Rangers losing streak would never end. Texas managed to score one run in the second inning and one run in the eighth and every pitcher decided to give up multiple runs.

Dane Dunning pitched four innings and gave up four runs on five hits and six walks. Al four runs came in the first inning.

GAME 129: 6-2 Win @ Minnesota Twins

We’re going to skip straight to the 9th inning of this game folks because that’s where it gets good. That’s where it felt like “Finally something like this happens FOR the Rangers and not TO the Rangers.”

Ezequiel Duran gets hit by a pitch to load the bases with one out. And usually for Texas, this means we’re not scoring those runs because of a double play.

However, this was not that kind of game. Robbie Grossman walked to score a run and give the Rangers a lead.

Now if you’re like me, in your Negative Nancy era, you’re thinking that’s all their gonna get and that one-run lead is not going to hold up in the bottom of the 9th.

Well once again, we were wrong,

Because Leody Taveras walks in another run.

And now it’s feeling to good to be true.

Because then Marcus Semien gets hit by a pitch, and another run comes in.

5-2 feels pretty good going into the bottom of the inning... but Corey Seager thought 6-2 feels even better and his sac-fly allows Grossman to score.

It’s not the normal way to break a seven game losing streak, but it’s a point in the win column all the same.

GAME 130: 6-7 Loss @ Minnesota Twins

Well. The ended to this game, a bases loaded walk in the 13th, is karma for what I wrote about Saturday’s game while this game was still happening.