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Anderson, Ramirez, Clase suspended for brawl

Suspensions and fines from Saturday’s brawl have been announced

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Tim Anderson, Jose Ramirez and Emmanuel Clase have all been suspended for their participation in the brawl between the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Guardians that broke out on Saturday. Ramirez objected to Anderson tagging him high, the two had words, and then they squared off, with Ramirez tagging Anderson with a shot to the jaw that appeared to leave Anderson dazed.

Anderson has been suspended for six games, Ramirez for three games, and Clase for one game. In addition, Chicago manager Pedro Grifol and Cleveland manager Terry Francona each have been suspended for a game. There were also fines handed out.

These things are usually appealed by those who get dinged with significant suspensions, so we shall have to see if they go into effect immediately, or if players will keep playing pending the appeal. If I were Anderson I’d probably accept the suspension and move on in the hopes that people quit talking about how he got clocked.

UPDATE — Anderson and Ramirez are appealing.