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75-59 - Rangers try out their best material in 5-1 loss to Twins

At least the bullpen didn’t wait for the 9th to waste your evening

Minnesota Twins v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers scored once but the Minnesota Twins scored five runs after the 6th inning.

There’s honestly no better comedy on television than the 2023 Texas Rangers.

Player of the Game: Corey Seager smacked the hardest hit ball of his career for a home run and Max Scherzer tossed six, one-hit shutout innings and the Rangers still lost 5-1.

Up Next: The Rangers will see if they can help enhance LHP Jordan Montgomery’s free agency value tomorrow evening against LHP Dallas Keuchel for Minnesota.

The Saturday night first pitch from The Shed is set for 6:15 pm and will be shown to a national audience on FOX, surely with a viewer discretion warning applied for potentially disturbing content once the Texas bullpen is called upon.