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Texas Rangers Recap: Week 24

A week that could have gone better

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

2023 Season Record: 78-64

2023 Series Record: 25-17-2

We’re recapping this week a little differently because lets face it, it was a god awful start to the week.

Houston Astros Series:

An absolutely miserable series, do we even want to recap this? Honestly, I watched maybe a total of seven innings of this entire series.

GAME 137: 6-13 Loss vs Houston Astros

GAME 138: 1-14 Loss vs Houston Astros

GAME 139: 3-12 Loss vs Houston Astros

GAME 140: 3-6 Loss vs Oakland A’s

Evan Carter MLB debut!! In his first at-bat in the big leagues, leading off the second inning, Carter singled on ground ball to left field. Then stole second for his first MLB steal. Ultimately he ended up stranded at 3rd base.

He went 1-for-3 with a hit, a walk, and two strikeouts.

GAME 141: 3-2 Win vs Oakland A’s

Tied 2-2 going into the bottom of the 7th, this game felt like it could very quickly get out of hand in favor of Oakland. Maybe that’s just the pessimism from the last few weeks of watching them play. This did not feel like a game the Rangers would win.

However, a bases loaded wild pitch by Oakland’s Francisco Perez, allowed Robbie Grossman to score.

Even luckier, Will Smith and Aroldis Chapman were able to pitch scoreless innings to complete the game

GAME 142: 9-4 Win vs Oakland A’s

Finally the Rangers have a series win and lets all cross our fingers and toes that this is the beginning of a win streak!