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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

Texas Rangers update for Saturday, September 16.

Texas Rangers v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Good morning, LSB.

The Rangers got thumped in a familiar-looking loss last night, one that ended with catcher/bullpen ace Austin Hedges on the mound again.

Shawn McFarland says they served that one up to the Guardians immediately after what was perhaps a season-saving sweep.

McFarland also notes perhaps the night’s only positive with Jonathan Ornelas knocking his first career base hit.

Elsewhere, Evan Grant takes a look at the legitimacy of Corey Seager’s MVP case, perhaps enhanced after some Shohei Ohtani weirdness this morning?

Jeff Wilson notes the five best August performances in the Rangers’ minor league system.

And Sean Bass asks if the Rangers can dead cat bounce their way into the playoffs after the last month of darkness.

That’s all for this morning. The Rangers look to bounce back against the Guardians tonight at 5:10 with Dane Dunning on the mound for Texas.

Have a good weekend!