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Minor league update for 9/16/23

A terrific final start of the year for Jack Leiter

A Commercial Residential Property Construction in Qingzhou Photo by Costfoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Jack Leiter started for Frisco and finished the year strong, going five innings, striking out nine, walking just one and allowing a two run home run.

Wyatt Langford was 3 for 4 with a homer. Aaron Zavala doubled.

Frisco box score:

Cole Winn started for Round Rock, allowing three runs in 2.2 IP, walking two and striking out two. Josh Sborz, on a rehab assignment, struck out three in a scoreless inning. Daniel Robert threw 1.2 scoreless innings. Yerry Rodriguez struck out two in a scoreless inning.

Justin Foscue had a hit and a walk. J.P. Martinez had a hit.

Round Rock box score: