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Texas Rangers Recap: Week 25

They’ve won the season at least

Texas Rangers v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

2023 Season Record: 82-67

2023 Series Record: 26-18-2

Toronto Blue Jays Series:

At first this series really felt like the first half Rangers were back. They went to Toronto, they kicked ass, they took names, and they were on a six game win streak...

GAME 143: 10-4 Win vs Toronto Blue Jays

GAME 144: 6-3 Win vs Toronto Blue Jays

GAME 145: 10-0 Win vs Toronto Blue Jays

GAME 146: 9-2 Win vs Toronto Blue Jays

Cleveland Guardians Series:

Then they went to Cleveland and Toronto very quickly felt like a fluke. Like maybe the Rangers weren’t back, the Blue Jays were just extremely bad.

It seems now that Texas was lucky they managed to secure a 2023 season win while playing the Blue Jays. Had the Rangers not played the amazing way they did in the first half, having a winning season would’ve felt like an amazing accomplishment considering the last few seasons.

However, a winning season without playoffs feels like falling short because this team gave use such high expectations with how they played before the All-Star break and how they bounced back from injuries and found different ways to win.

Now, aside from Toronto, it looks like this team couldn’t buy a win if they tried.

GAME 147: 3-12 Loss vs Cleveland Guardians

GAME 148: 1-2 Loss vs Cleveland Guardians

GAME 149: 2-9 Loss vs Cleveland Guardians