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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Pray the Rangers don’t walk the plank on Talk Like a Pirate Day

Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Good morning.

Kennedi Landry writes about the Texas Rangers wasting another opportunity in last evening’s disaster loss.

Matt Fisher checks out what’s in store for the Rangers (misery, apparently) with their final homestand currently on the docket.

Evan Grant marvels at the deprave levels of terrible that the Texas bullpen has sunk to as they’ve nearly torpedoed the pursuit of a playoff spot.

Jeff Wilson writes that Will Smith accepts blame for last night’s debacle, fresh off the many debacles that have preceded it of late.

Before the latest disappointment, Grant notes that Josh Jung and Adolis Garcia made their awaited returns to the lineup.

And, Thomas Harrigan has Nathan Eovaldi as one of the biggest offseason additions contributing to the pennant race and he’ll have an opportunity to make good on that during his start tonight.

Have a nice day!