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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Morning, all!

Max Scherzer is a gamer and he’s already throwing just a week after going on the IL.

First round pick Wyatt Langford has torn through four classes of professional baseball in the last two months and has put up eye popping numbers every step of the way.

While the offense showed up with a vengeance yesterday, Jon Gray did not.

Evan Carter dubs the the Ranger lineup “scary” with his entire slate of All Star teammates back on the field, although he’s putting up numbers that will make a pitchers knees knock, too.

Kevin Sherrington observes that the Rangers’ season has been a wild ride and there will surely be some twists and turns in the final 10 games.

Kennedi Landry is more optimistic, calling this lineup one that could go as far as it wants in October.