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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Jot down your deepest held affection for Robbie Grossman on Love Note Day

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Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Good morning.

Kennedi Landry writes that the Texas Rangers were quiet until they weren’t as they homered their way to a sixth consecutive win.

Evan Grant writes that the sudden dinger frenzy dropped their AL West Magic Number down to 4 with the victory.

Matt Fisher takes a look at what’s in store for the Rangers this week in Anaheim as they try to sew up their first division title since the Ian Desmond: Center fielder days.

Jeff Wilson writes that things certainly look much brighter for Texas since that homestand opening loss to Boston a week ago.

Grant writes that with Robbie Grossman delivering against left-handed pitching, and with Evan Carter delivering as a top talent, the Rangers might have finally stumbled upon their promised left field platoon.

Jamey Newberg checks out the six Rangers prospects that most improved during the 2023 season by his estimation.

Bradford Doolittle writes that the Rangers are behind only the Brewers for feeling the most historical and organizational pressure to claim this year’s World Series.

And, Grant notes that Max Scherzer, at just under two weeks since an injury that often takes three months to heal with rest and rehab, is going to be throwing off a mound soon.

Have a nice day!