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76-60 - Rangers get cathartic Bombi blast to walk-off finale

Thank you, Bombi!

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers scored six runs but the Minnesota Twins scored five runs.

Endorphins are flooding our brains once again!

That one obviously felt good for Adolis Garcia after a miserable game to couple with a miserable few weeks.

The Rangers haven’t had many walk-off wins this season but they really, really, really needed one today after blowing not one but three leads while looking to stave off a sweep.

And hey, the Mariners lost today. Maybe this was the moment.

Player of the Game: Mitch Garver tried his darndest to carry the Rangers kicking and screaming to a win with four hits, two home runs and four of the six runs driven in but it took until the walk-off El Bombi blast for a reunion with the Win Column.

Up Next: The final series of the season against the Astros beings tomorrow night. The Rangers should probably consider winning some of the games.