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Wednesday Morning Links


Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Given the sour turn the Rangers’ fairy tale season has taken the front office is regularly discussing roster moves that may make a September impact up to an including promoting Evan Carter, and Nathan Eovaldi and Ian Kennedy returned to the club Tuesday with Josh Sborz leaving Arlington to be offered up as a sacrifice to Baphomet or something.

Ian Kennedy may have been DFA’d and released earlier in the season but he’s got one thing going for him... he’s not Josh Sborz.

Evan Grant observes that this week’s games against Houston have looked like a return to the natural order of things.

I call my toddler TiBS or Tibsy, and because he’s dinky my mom calls him Al-tibsy like Altuve. When I told Adam that he asked “is it because he’s a sign stealing cheater?” Well, if being a sign stealing cheater results in the series Altuve has had against us this week, I’m getting TiBS some trash cans.

Bruce Bochy says that on Tuesday Eovaldi looked like a guy that had missed a lot of time, though we’ve now met our new closer, Austin Hedges.

For his part, Eovaldi described the game as “frustrating” which is a remarkable understatement.

Today’s matchup between Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander will mark the first time the two have ever faced off against each other and certainly makes for the sort of late season dramatics that you want in a pennant chase.