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Thursday Morning Links


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Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Morning, all!

The Justin Verlander / Max Scherzer match up didn’t live up to the hype, or at least the Rangers’ end of it didn’t... Verlander was great and Scherzer apparently has some mystery ailment.

It reminds me of the busted hype around the Reebok Dan and Dave decathlon campaign from the 90’s, except instead of failing to qualify like Dan O’Brien we had Scherzer show up shitty.

Scherzer says that he “couldn’t explode through the ball ... he could go out there and compete,” whatever that means.

If you’ve ever thought that your hatred of Houston is unparalleled throughout all of history, just remember that the ancient Romans were so passionate about their chariot teams that they burned down half of Constantinople. Food for thought, Houston.

While this series has been absolutely clownshoes, Evan Grant points out that the final 20 games of the season include 11 games against teams directly ahead of Texas in the wildcard race.

Kevin Sherrington says the villain of the ‘23 Ranger season is the bullpen, which looked terrible coming out of spring training and even worse now.

Maybe Adolis Garcia leaving last night’s game with a bum knee will mean Evan Carter getting some starts in Arlington?