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76-64 - Rangers forget to win the baseball game on their way to 6-3 loss

This is what it’s like, Evan

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers scored three runs but the Oakland Athletics scored six runs.

What is there even left to be said? In many ways, this game was more demoralizing, more humiliating, more frustrating than any from the series against Houston.

At least the Astros are good. The A’s are trying to avoid being one of the worst teams in 100 years during their quest to be so bad that they scam a brand new city, a plot ripped from a film where the featured team doesn’t even exist anymore.

Player of the Game: Evan Carter debuted and singled for his first big league hit and he stole a base and he drew a walk. He’s a Texas Ranger now so please offer him your condolences.

Up Next: The Rangers will see in what way they can next shame themselves against Oakland tomorrow night beginning at 6:05 pm CT.