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BA, ESPN diverge significantly in Rangers farm system rankings

Baseball America and ESPN have much different rankings of the Rangers’ farm relative to the rest of the league

Spring Training Photo by Ben Ludeman/Texas Rangers/Getty Images

We have farm system rankings out from both Baseball America and ESPN today, and the two sites have divergent rankings for your Texas Rangers.

Over at ESPN, Kiley McDaniel has the Rangers as a middle of the pack system, coming in at #12, despite having two top 10 prospects in Evan Carter and Wyatt Langford. McDaniel uses a dollar value for farm systems based on the grades he gives prospects in each system, so you can see how tiers break out, as well as the ordinal rankings. Texas is well below the top three teams — Baltimore (who is #1 by a mile), the Cubs, and the Tigers — and are in the midst of a clump of teams from #6 (Yankees) to #14 (Pirates) who don’t have much separation between them.

Baseball America, on the other hand, has the Rangers at #3 overall — a jump from #12 in 2023 and #9 in 2022, trailing just Baltimore (natch) and the Brewers. Like ESPN, BA has the Rangers with just three top 100 prospects — Carter, Langford and Sebastian Walcott — but appear to feel better about the next group of prospects behind them.

I will note that the Rangers will almost certainly see their farm system rankings drop precipitously this year. Evan Carter is almost certain to graduate, Wyatt Langford is likely to graduate, they are picking late in the draft because they won the World Series (which is the best possible reason to pick late in the draft) (although they apparently will have second and third round picks for the first time in a couple of years), and one would hope they will be buyers at the deadline. So don’t be surprised if they Rangers are in the 20-25 range overall this time next year.