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McDaniel top 25 Rangers prospects out

Kiley McDaniel has his top 25 prospect list for the Texas Rangers out

Spring Training Photo by Ben Ludeman/Texas Rangers/Getty Images

ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel has released his top 25 prospect lists for the American League teams today, and the guys he has immediately behind consensus top three Rangers prospects (and top 100 MLB prospects) Wyatt Langford, Evan Carter and Sebastian Walcott is pretty interesting.

2020 first rounder Justin Foscue slots in fourth on McDaniel’s list for the Rangers. More interesting, to me, is that he has Foscue as barely missing his top 100 list, checking in at #111, and getting a 50 FV grade. Foscue seems to be overlooked or dismissed by Rangers fans when we talk about the farm, but McDaniel, like Keith Law, still believes in the bat, and sees him as a major league contributor.

He also seems to be buying in on Abi Ortiz, who is 5th on his Rangers list and #180 overall. This is as high as I’ve seen Ortiz ranked. McDaniel notes there’s little margin for error with Ortiz, given his profile, but if he continues to rake — and it would appear that Ortiz is likely to start the season at AA Frisco — Ortiz will get more attention.

Also of note is that Jack Leiter is the highest ranked pitcher, Jonathan Ornelas is higher on the list than the folks who keep saying the Rangers should drop him from the 40 man roster would expect, and there’s a lot of arms that could become something, or could become nothing.