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Home Run Derby Watch Thread

Gallo. Ohtani. Coors Field. What more could you ask for?

Texas Rangers select RHP Jack Leiter with pick No. 2 at MLB Draft

The wait is over and Jack Leiter is the guy in the first round for Texas

MLB Draft First Round Thread

Rev up the Angry Dome. It’s Draft time, baby!

MLB The Show Players League - Joey Gallo vs The World

It’s almost like the real thing!

MLB Top 29 Free Agent Predictions

You’re welcome, MLB general managers

Reasons to care about the 2019 Texas Rangers

Have you seen that big chicken tender?!

MLB Top 34 Free Agent Predictions

You can just skip to March because this is where all the free agents will sign

2018 MLB All-Star Game Thread

Come watch Shin-Soo Choo finally become an All-Star

Home Run Derby Watch Thread

No Joey Gallo? Easy pass

2018 MLB Futures Game Game Day Thread

Leody Taveras and C.D. Pelham will represent the Rangers at the annual prospect game

MLB Top 30 Free Agent Predictions

Find out where the top MLB free agents will land without having to sit through the long, cold winter

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: 3,000!

Adrian Beltre is just the 31st player in baseball history to collect 3,000 hits in his career

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: Joy to the world

Above any single moment, play, or hit, the enduring memory of Adrian Beltre will always be the joy he exhibits

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: Fall Classic

Adrian Beltre hits a classic home run in the World Series

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

You can’t mention Adrian Beltre’s time in Texas without mentioning Elvis Andrus having the time of his life playing with Beltre

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: Nobody does it better

No one charges a bunt down the line quite like, or quite as well as Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: Historic Trip at the Trop

While Adrian Beltre was making postseason history, a TBS cameraman was tasting turf

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: A+ Walk-off

An Adrian Beltre walk-off homer personified a season where a hashtag became a reality

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: Bi-Cycle

Like many things, Adrian Beltre has taken a rare occurrence and made it his own

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: Flashing Leather

Adrian Beltre built his reputation on his elite defense at the hot corner

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: Disappointed Dad

They call Adrian Beltre El Capitan because he’s the dad of the dugout. You wouldn’t want to displease dad.

Adrian Beltre 3K Moments: OH S*%T!

Counting down our top ten Beltre moments as Beltre counts down to 3,000

Your 2017 Texas Rangers

Here are your 2017 Texas Rangers


Preseason football has begun. Rookies are vying for spots on specials teams. Once the cameras have stopped rolling for Hard Knocks, we can finally get some real action! Now let us all dare to dream of the promised frozen tundra of victory.

2016 Top 40 MLB Free Agent Predictions

Find out where the top 40 free agents will be playing next season

For Rangers, Rougned Odor doesn't stink

Rougned Odor would cut a man for a single baseball win and that's why the Rangers have found a cornerstone in the young second baseman

Joey Gallo's face reviews the Rangers' first half

Let's let Joey Gallo's face describe the 2015 first half for the Texas Rangers

Don't let Royals depose Prince on All-Star ballot

After an amazing month of May, Prince Fielder should make the All-Star team -- and maybe Joey Gallo should, too

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Lone Star Danger: Adam Rosales returns to Texas

The Rangers finally made their big move of the offseason. Time to party

A decade of Lone Star Ball: Spanish Beltre Thread

Part 1 of a look back at the highlights of ten years of Lone Star Ball: When the rumors of the Rangers signing Adrian Beltre became so much more

Most Popular Stories on Lone Star Ball in 2014

You might not believe it based on this list of top stories from 2014, but the Rangers played baseball this year


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