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The 12 Days of Texas Rangers Christmas

This song implies that the Rangers are your true love

LSB Voting Results & Nominees for SB Nation Awards

Over the last few weeks, we voted on a bunch of things to nominate for the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards. The results are in.

Vote for the 2014 Team of the Year

In one of the worst seasons of baseball in history, which team was the most not bad?

Vote for Rangers Best Pitching Performance of 2014

40 different people threw a baseball from the mound for the Texas Rangers in 2014? Who had the best appearance of them all?

Vote for the Most Important Rangers Hit of 2014

Did you know that the Rangers had exactly 1,400 hits in 2014? Which was the most important?

Vote for the Rangers Top Defensive Play of 2014

Who caught or threw a baseball the best for the Texas Rangers in 2014?

Vote for Rangers Most Regrettable Moment of 2014

2014 regrets, we have a few: Which moment do the Rangers regret the most?

Vote for the Funniest Rangers Moment of the Year

The 2014 season was no laughing matter, but what was the moment that made you chuckle anyhow?

Experience worth more than a million for Martinez

Pitching for the league minimum, Nick Martinez survived a season with the Rangers when he was expected to start for Double-A Frisco

Happy Birthday, Adrian Beltre

35 years ago today, Adrian Beltre was born. Let's celebrate history's best day

2014 Promotional Schedule: Euphoria Returns

If you hold a Nolan Ryan Beef Dollar Hot Dog Night and Nolan Ryan doesn't show up, does anyone get cheap wieners?

Who Is The Current Face of the Ranger Franchise?

Or: The Curse of Michael Young

Friday Afternoon Video -- 2late80s4u

Adam forgot to do a Friday Afternoon Video so here's the best video for your Friday afternoon

Give The .gif of Yu

A tutorial on how to make an animated GIF in five minutes or five easy steps.

2012 LSB .gif of the Year is Crowned

They went toe to toe and frame to frame but the top .gif of 2012 has been crowned.

Select the Top Lone Star Ball .gif of 2012

We've rounded up the contenders, now we'll watch the best .gifs slug it out at 10 frames per second to determine the top .gif of the 2012 season.